Today we arrived at the mountain a little later than yesterday. I decided to take another lesson to get more comfortable with everything – I was stoked that they suggested I skip a level, all the way to level 3. While Brian, Twila and Jason zig-zagged the mountain for different trails, I made my way to the top for a 2-mile run down to the bottom. The chairlift was much bigger and faster (pictured at the top) and the photo mid-left is my “proof I was at the top” photo. In all, it was a fun day and we were all adequately spent when we headed out at 3pm.

We decided to take it easy for the evening. After a leisurely rest on the sectional with nice conversation, Jason hit the hot tub (mid-left), and Twila joined him, to watch the sun set. I watched it from the living room window, while Brian was out picking up some pizzas. We all had a nice, relaxing dinner and watched some television. Tomorrow we will take on Reno’s version of St. Patty’s Day! Thanks for stopping by.

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