I’ve been trying to tag my posts so you can find the things you are looking for easier. What I haven’t really done that well is explain what some of the tags mean. I tried something today that I thought would fall under my “armchair travels” label but thought that a lot of you, who are newer readers, may not know what the heck I was talking about. So to explain – a long time ago I posted about how my parents were experiencing some of the benefits of travel by learning about foods, languages and customs of other places while never leaving their hometown. I have also been doing this in between trips myself, like the cooking class a couple of weeks ago.

Yesterday I had the opportunity, and incidentally after hearing a lot about China recently (and how you need to go there), to try acupuncture. There was a free stress relief clinic being put on by a friend who runs a counseling practice in my town. Some trainers were visiting to do a certification course on how to perform a special ear acupuncture. Traditionally the method is for treating different kinds of addicts of substances (like heroin or alcohol) or psychiatric patients – of which I am neither – but it is also beneficial for managing stress and general pain, as well as a host of other ailments. I figured I would try it out, why not, right?

They said the pain would be a 3 out of 10. I think that was fairly accurate – they are small needles, but they’re still made of steel. No one yelled out who was having it done so you can gauge it from there.

They left the needles in for 30-45 minutes and turned the lights off so we could relax. I am pretty sure I fell asleep. Then last night, I slept for nine hours like a rock. I had very weird dreams – which is fairly normal – but I got up when my alarm went off (without any snoozes)!! I would definitely do it again. Thanks for checking in!

P.S. I am hopefully going to China in 2013 as part of the end of my MBA program, so there will be more on that.

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