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Hard to believe, but it’s time for my annual travel planning post. I had a very crazy travel year in 2023–10 countries and almost 150 nights away from home! It was thrilling and a bit exhausting, but I survived. In the spirit of this, I have vowed to stay home the first month of the year, which we are halfway through. My hope is to bring a bit more balance into 2024. It’s really not until I write this post, that I start to see the year take shape. So, let’s go back a little bit and then I’ll share what’s coming up!

2023 in Review

Ah, looking back on my plan for 2023 and I was 100% on for my six planned trips, and 50% on my unplanned trips. For my unplanned trips, I made it to Osaka, Japan, São Paulo, Brazil, and Panama. In addition to those nine trips, I made it to Maine (twice), the Florida Keys, Portland, OR and Vancouver, BC, New York City, Boston, Mexico City, Rwanda, Washington, DC, and Orlando. Overall, it was a good mix of personal and work trips, which is good. I got to see many friends and family and discover some new bars. Best of all, I did spend time in Kansas City, which is home.

Planned Travel for 2024

As I am entering the middle of my second year in my current job, I am getting a little more control over my schedule. I continue to work remotely and did a good job last year of working while traveling. (I did a poor job of actually taking consecutive time off.) So far, here’s where I have travel plans for in 2024:

  • Phoenix, AZ (personal): breaking my month-long fast of no travel in January and very cold temps, I am heading to a little fun in the sun with a friend in early February
  • Oaxaca, Mexico (personal): after canceling a trip in April of 2020, I’ve been wanting to make this trip happen. This year, I gifted a trip to the mecca of mezcal to my husband, with me in tow.
  • Nicaragua (personal): another friend and I are going to work remotely together for a week in Nicaragua. We had to find a place neither of us have been, it’s going to be a blast!
  • Accra, Ghana (work): going to meet with a group of my grantees (I work for a tech foundation) from Ghana and Senegal together in April.
  • Washington, D.C. (work): meeting with some colleagues
  • Casablanca, Morocco (work): our annual All Hands meeting locale is not too shabby!
  • New York City (work): meetings for work but I’m sure I’ll find a few cocktails along the way
  • Panama City, FL (personal): our triennial McGoldrick family reunion is later this year
  • Indonesia (work/personal): similar to my trip to Ghana but with my Indonesian and Bangladeshi grantees; hoping to tack on something personal since I am already there

Tentative/Unplanned Travel for 2024

There are some trips that aren’t finalized but I think will happen in 2024. At least one, I don’t know where it will be until the conference I am attending announces a location. That said, here are the other places I am hoping to go:

  • London (personal): I am hoping to squeeze a week in London in between my trips to Ghana and D.C.; it’s been too long since I’ve visited
  • Armenia (work): hoping to get here and one other country in the region for another one of my grant programs
  • Portland, Maine (personal): I’ve been trying to make it home once or twice a year to see family. I love going in the summer when the weather is perfect and I can work during the day and hang out with family at night.
  • Scandinavia (personal): we have yet to start planning our big trip, which we do about every other year. I want to go to Denmark and maybe Finland, but we’ll see how it goes.

That should be enough to retain my Platinum status on United. (I was one trip away from 1K in 2023, which if you know, you know how bad I wanted to board a flight on New Year’s Eve!) Looking forward to seeing some of you along the way. And, I hope that you’re able to get out into this crazy, wonderful world we live in. Cheers to an amazing 2024 to you and yours!

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