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The past couple of years have honestly been so weird for me, I almost forgot to write this post. Since it’s still the first week of the year, I figured it’s not too late. Plus, I really love writing these posts, see 2021. If you’re curious about how it turned out, I actually went on all of my planned 2021 travel. Well, except for swapping out Scandinavia for The Balkans due to travel restrictions, but it was a great trade. I even added a few trips including to Portland, OR, my hometown of Portland, ME, worked remotely from Hawaii, celebrated my husband’s birthday in Chicago, and made two trips to Denver, CO. Despite it being an odd year, it definitely held a lot of good milestones, new beginnings, and time with family and friends. As for the year ahead, I do feel hopeful. (I mean at this point, why not?) If you’re curious, this is where I’ll be in 2022.

I realize I might look a little crazy. Ignore my weird posture and focus on the amazing, no-mess party streamer poppers I’m wrapped in!

Planned Travel for 2022

I realize even writing “planned” in the current era is bold, but I find that having things to look forward to keeps me going. If I have to change plans, I know how to do that too. For the year ahead, this is what is on the books so far:

  • New Orleans, LA (personal): heading to The Big Easy for a long weekend in January. We’ll be touring some distilleries, the Sazerac House, and some cemeteries. Lots of food and drink photos to come.
  • Austin, TX (work): this will be my first work trip in two years, to attend SxSW Interactive in March. It’s kind of crazy; I used to travel at least twice a month for work.
  • Grand Lake Stream, ME (personal): this isn’t technically booked yet, but I am really hoping to get up to one of my favorite places in the world this summer. I’ve been going here in the summer since I was five years old. It’s a tiny town on two lakes with a stream between them. Cabins, blueberry picking, canoes, swimming, and campfire time.
  • Waikiki, HI (work): September will be our first All Hands meeting since January 2020 (in Berlin). I am SO looking forward to seeing everyone in person!
  • Republic of Georgia (personal): I am not really a tour person when traveling. BUT when I saw a post from a restaurant I love in Kansas City about a small trip they are leading, I couldn’t resist. Cooking classes, wine tastings, a hike in the Georgian mountains, I’m in!
  • Omaha, NE (personal): I am sure we’ll be getting up to visit my parents again, and maybe swing by Des Moines, IA to visit some bars.
  • Denver, CO (personal): nothing is planned yet, but I am hoping to tag along on a work trip of my husband’s this year. I still have bars to visit on my list.

Not Planned but Budgeted

In addition to set plans, which I try to do by the first of every year, I have a few trips that I want to fit in. There are a couple of places I want to go for cocktail content and a couple of trips I am overdue for with friends. If things go as planned, I hope to also be heading to:

  • Panama City, Panama: I have been wanting to get to Panama for years since my dad sailed through the Panama Canal. Okay, technically that happened before I was born, but I have heard the stories.
  • Mexico City: I am finding out about way too many incredible bars, bartenders, and restaurants to not visit soon. Maybe I could combine with the Panama trip and work remotely. (And, yes, that is how my “planning-for-all-the-trips” brain works.)
  • An island (Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, or Bermuda): Vitamin Sea is a real thing. I just need to get myself near a beach on the ocean in 2022. (Hawaii doesn’t technically count since I’ll be working.)
  • Hancock, NH: hoping that once the case numbers are suitable, I can visit my best friend and her family.

Okay, I know, the year doesn’t have THAT many days in it, but I can dream! Where are you headed this year? Wherever you are or wherever you go, I hope you have an outstanding 2022. Cheers!

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