I’ve been a bit absent from the blog, but I’ve been home most of the year, other than a couple of trips to St. Louis and one to Chattanooga, TN. I missed my annual New Years’ trip post, where I share with anyone curious my travel plans for the year ahead. Since we’ve nearly made it halfway through the year, and my travel schedule is starting to heat up, I bring you a mid-year version of my list with what remains in 2016:

London, England: So, if you hadn’t heard (or don’t see me in person often, or ever), I changed jobs in March. I am now working for a tech foundation, which has been fun, challenging and a great fit for my love of creating, collaborating and solving problems. With it also comes some travel, as you’ll see in the majority of my other trips, the first of which is an all-hands meeting in London. I have never been to England so I am very excited to see it and meet my work teammates who are spread around the world.

Denver, CO: Combining a work conference with a mini-vacation to visit Brian’s grandparents, and a day of hiking with some friends, Brian’s brother, sister-in-law and our nephews. I haven’t been since my junior year of high school, so looking forward to getting back in touch with the mile-high city.

Austin, TX: Heading to one of my favorite cities for work. It’s likely to be chock full of meetings but if I can get a breakfast burrito or two, I’m happy.

New York, NY: Going to meet my best friend’s baby, who decided to be a Leap Day baby, instead of an April Fool’s Day one. Excited to see their whole family and my very favorite city.

Chattanooga, TN: More work, but this trip will include a weekend hack-a-thon at the front end, which Brian will be tagging along for, and a work retreat with some other teammates for the rest of the trip.

Japan: Most excited for this two-week trip Brian and I will be taking to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary (which is in July but the timing/weather are better for us in the fall). We’ll be traveling all over via train (provided we can figure out the schedules) and eating our way around this beautiful country.

London: Back to London for work and a weekend-long festival of creativity and tech fun.

Glasgow, Scotland: Tacking on a three-day trip after London to visit a new country for my list and have a little R&R before returning home.

Washington, D.C.: Heading to another one of my favorite cities to attend a conference that relates to work but is also of interest to me personally.

Ending the year with another all-hands week, this time in Hawaii. I know, you feel very bad for me. Hoping that Brian can tag along for this one too, as our last trip to these islands was less than pleasant for him as he was ill 80% of the time.

I think that’s it for now, besides a road trip or two and yet-to-be-scheduled work things. If you are in any of these places, let me know and maybe I’ll be seeing you soon!

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